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grading order: vinyl - jacket

Tom Paxton
New Songs for Old Friends SS VG+
REPRISE - MS 2144 $9.00
promo sticker on front

Basket of Light VG++ VG+
REPRISE - RS 6732 $9.00
With "r:" only, log on all orange (tan) label. Gatefold Jacket.

Group members are Terry Cox, Bert Jansch, Jacqui McShee, John Renbourn, and Danny Thompson.

Peter, Paul and Mary
A Song Will Rise NM- VG++
WARNER BROS - W 1589 $20.00
Includes 'Motherless Child', 'Jimmy Whalen', and 'Ballad of Spring Hill.'

Peter, Paul and Mary
A Song Will Rise VG VG+
WARNER BROS - WS 1589 $9.00
Gold Label. Includes 'Motherless Child', 'Jimmy Whalen', and 'Ballad of Spring Hill.'

Brock Peters
At the Village Gate VG+ VG+
Promo. With Paul Palmieri on Guitar.

The Pozo-Seco Singers
Time VG VG
COLUMBIA - CS 9315 $6.00
Includes 'Time', 'I'll Be Gone', 'Guantanamera', 'You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' ', and the Lennon/McCartney classic 'If I Fell.'

Maddy Prior
Changing Winds NM VG++
CHRYSALIS - 511203 $9.00
All but 2 of the songs were written by Ms. Prior. Back of the jacket has the lyrics. Copyrighted 1978. Made in Holland.

Charles John Quarto
Charles John Quarto NM- VG++
ATLANTIC - SD 8294 $9.00
Promo. Mostly poetry with a few folk songs. Produced by Graham Nash. Copyrighted 1971.

Mary Faith Rhoads and John Pearse
Together SS VG
Copyrighted 1980.

Jimmie Rodgers
No One Will Ever Know NM- VG++
DOT - DLP 3453 $15.00
Includes 'Wolverton Mountain', 'Lemon Tree', and 'The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance'.

The Rooftop Singers
Walk Right In NM VG++
VANGUARD - VRS 9123 $15.00
Led by Erik Darling formerly of The Tarriers and The Weavers.

Buffy Sainte-Marie
It's My Way VG+ VG+
VANGUARD - VRS 9142 $9.00
All the songs but 1 were written by Ms. Sainte-Marie. Includes 'The Universal Soldier', 'Cod'ine', 'Cripple Creek', and 'Now That the Buffalo's Gone'.

The Samplers
In Person NM VG+
KAPP RECORDS - KL 1232 $9.00

The Sandpipers
Kumbayah NM- VG++
A&M - 212066 $9.00
Made in Germany.

Harriet Schock
She's Low Clouds NM- NM-
20TH CENTURY RECORDS - T460 $15.00
Includes insert with lyrics. All songs written by Harriet Schock.

Pete Seeger
Dangerous Songs!? SS VG+
COLUMBIA - CS 9303 $15.00
Includes 'John Brown's Rag', 'The Pill', and 'The Draft Dodger Rag'.

Shay's Rebellion
Daniel Shay's Highway NM VG++
FLYING FISH - FF 427 $9.00
Includes inner sleeve with lyrics.

Harry Simeone Chorale
The Wonderful Songs of Folk NM- NM-
MERCURY - MG 20855 $9.00
Includes 'Blowin' in the Wind', 'Don't Think Twice, It's All Right', 'Ring of Fire', 'If I Had a Hammer', and 'Green, Green'. Very Showtuney.

Simon & Garfunkel
Volume 1 NM- VG+
CBS SONY - ASP 1013 $9.00
Made in the Philippines.

Simon & Garfunkel
Volume 2 NM- VG++
CBS SONY - ASP 1014 $9.00
Made in the Philippines.

Simon & Garfunkle
Wednesday Morning, 3 AM VG+ VG+
COLUMBIA - CS 9049 $7.00
'360 Sound Stereo' in white on label.

Includes 'Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream', 'Peggy-O', 'The Times They Are A-Changin' ', and 'The Sound of Silence.'

Pete Smith
Squatters Rites VG++ VG+
Back of the jacket has the lyrics.

Michael Strange
Sings Folk Songs VG VG+
RKO RECORDS - ULP 133 $7.00
Contains a variety of songs from traditional English and Irish airs to folk styled versions of Cole Porter and Hoagy Carmichael.

Accompanying guitar & mandolin by Harry Volpes.

Herb Strauss
Folk Music for People Who Hate Folk Music VG++ FAIR
RIVERSIDE - RS 97541 $9.00
accompanied by Mundell Lowe and his friends

John Sundell
The Eagle & the Sparrow VG++ G+
Appalachian Folk. Includes booklet with lyrics and info on the songs.

Allan Thomas
A Picture NM- VG+
SIRE - SI 5901 $9.00
Back of the jacket has the lyrics. Soft rock with a bluesy/folksy feel.

The Tiffany Singers
The Tiffany Singers VG++ G+
ROULETTE - R25302 $12.00
The Tiffany Singers were led and founded by Bob Carey, one of the original members of The Tarriers. Songs include 'Kisses Sweeter than Wine', 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight', 'Goodnight Irene', and 'The Fox.'

Secret Of The Bloom SS VG+
SAN FRANCISCO - SD 201 $25.00

Victoria SS VG+
SAN FRANCISCO - SD 206 $25.00
cut-out. Gatefold jacket.

Loudon Wainwright III
Album II NM- VG+
ATLANTIC - SD 8291 $20.00

Steve Weichert
and the Five Dollar Band
Steve Weichert
and the Five Dollar Band
VG++ G
BARKY RECORDS - SW 1001 $9.00
Includes insert with lyrics. All songs written or co-written by Weichert. Copyrighted 1975.

Josh White
At Town Hall VG VG+
MERCURY - MG 20672 $6.00
Recorded in September 1961. Also features Josh White, Jr. and Beverley White. Assisting performers include Bobby Scott on piano, Sticks Evans on drums, Jerome Richardson on flute and tenor sax, Victor Allande on conga drums, and Bill Lee on bass.

John Buck Wilkin
In Search of Food, Clothing, Shelter and Sex NM- VG++
LIBERTY - LST 7639 $9.00
Promo. Gatefold jacket.

Jill Williams
Jill Williams SS NM-
RCA VICTOR - LSP 4314 $9.00
Promo. Copyrighted 1970. Back of jacket has the lyrics.

The Windjammers
The Windjammers NM- VG
RCA VICTOR - LSP 2196 $9.00
Has 'Living Stereo' banner. A collection of songs seasoned with nautical flavof, a dash of Norwegian folk harmonies, and an inimitable Scandanavian accent.

Various Artists
Folk Go-Go VG++ VG
VERVE FOLKWAYS - FV-9011 $15.00
Performers include: Clarence Ashley, Ed Badeaux, Woody Guthrie, Sam Hinton, Cisco Houston, Karen James, Leadbelly, Mickey Milelr, Alan Mills, New Lost City Ramblers, Hermes Nye, Jean Ritchie, Peggy Seege, Pete Seeger, and Doc Watson.

Various Artists
Hootenanny Saturday Nite! NM- VG+
WORLD PACIFIC - WP 1813 $15.00
Performers include: Goldcoast Singsers, The Folkswingers, Bud & Travis, Lynn Gold, Brownie McGhee & Sonny Terry, Barbara Dane, Bumble Slim, and Lightnin' Hopkins.


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