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grading order: vinyl - jacket

Lee Aaron
Metal Queen NM- VG
ROADRUNNER - RR 9861 $9.00
Made in Holland.

Anthem VG VG
Includes insert with lyrics. Gatefold jacket.

The Arrows
featuring Davie Allan
Apache '65 NM- VG+
TOWER - T 5002 $20.00

Artful Dodger
Babes on Broadway NM- VG++
COLUMBIA - PC 34846 $9.00
promo. late 70s AM rock/power pop.

Atomic Rooster
Headline News NM- VG
PVC - 8918 $9.00
Dave Gilmour plays guitar on 4 tracks.

The Beatles
At Shea Stadium
Described by Erupting Fans!
VG++ VG++
Interviews with the fans before, during, and after the 1964 concert at Shea.

The Beatles
Birth of the Beatles NM VG++
CURCIO - GSR 46 $9.00
Made in Italy. Has two pages of liner notes(in Italian) on the interior.

The Beatles
Five Nights in a Judo Arena VG+ VG+
DEWEINTRAUB - DW 426 $20.00
The Beatles on stage in Japan.

The Beatles
Greatest VG VG+
EMI/ODEON - 1C 062-04 207 $20.00
Made in Germany.

The Beatles
A Hard Day's Night VG+ VG
PARLOPHONE - PCS 3058 $20.00
Made in Great Britain.

The Beatles
A Hard Day's Night NM- VG+
PARLOPHONE - PCS 3058 $20.00
Made in Great Britain. Has 'Stereo' on jacket.

The Beatles
Help! VG++ VG++
HÖRZU - SHZE 162 $24.00
Made in Germany.

The Beatles
Help! NM/NM- VG++
PARLOPHONE - PCS 3071 $20.00
Made in Great Britain.

The Beatles
History of the Beatles NM VG+
MASTERS - MA 161285 $9.00
Made in Holland.

The Beatles
Live at the Star Club
Hamburg, Germany 1962, Vol. 1
SHOWCASE - SHLP 130 $9.00
I believe this was made in the UK.

The Beatles
Live at the Star Club
Hamburg, Germany 1962, Vol. 2
SHOWCASE - SHLP 131 $9.00
Made in England. Copyrighted 1985.

The Beatles
Live at the Star-Club in Hamburg, Germany NM- & NM- VG+
2 record set. Made in Holland.

The Beatles
Long Tall Sally NM- NM-
CAPITOL - ST 6063 $20.00
Made in Canada.

The Beatles
Rarities NM- VG+
PARLOPHONE - 1A 038-06867 $15.00
Made in Holland. Collection of B-sides and alternate versions.

The Beatles
Rock 'n' Roll Music VG++/NM- &
PARLOPHONE - PCSP 719 $20.00
2 record set. Made in Great Britain.

The Beatles
Shea 1964: The Good Old Days NM
S-2532 $15.00
Comes in a generic white jacket.

The Beatles
Top of the Pops VG+/G+
Comes in a genric white jacket with an insert. I believe tracks 4-9 were taken from the 1964 Hollywood Bowl show.

The Beatles
With the Beatles NM VG+
APPLE - AP 8678 $45.00
Made in Japan. Gatefold jacket. Has attached booklet with large color photos and lyrics(has some pencil marks on it).

The Beatles
Wonderful Picture of You NM & NM VG+
CIRCLE RECORDS - SKI 5430 $20.00
2 record set. Record 1 contains studio outtakes. Record 2 contains mostly live/broadcast performances.

Befour Three O'Clock
Befour Three O'Clock VG VG+
FRONTIER - FLP 1008 $9.00
When this album was recorded in March of 1982, the group was known as The Salvation Army, but because of problems with the charity organization, they changed their name to The Three O'Clock. Originally released May, 1982. Liner notes on this release are dated November 1984.

Bel Ami
Berlin Bei Nacht VG+ VG+
POOL - 6.24 461 $9.00
Made in Germany. Includes inner sleeve with lyrics.

Big Charlie &
His Lemon Twisters
Do the "Twist" VG VG+

Blue Cheer
Vincebus Eruptum VG VG+
PHILIPS - PHS 600-264 $9.00
Textured/embossed jacket.

Blue Öyster Cult
CBS - S CBS 12-6333 $9.00
Made in England. A Limited Edition 12" single released to commemorate their U.K. Tour 1978. Side 1 is "Don't Fear the Reaper," & side 2 is "R.U. Ready 2 Rock."

The Blues Project
Best of The Blues Project NM- NM-
Has shrinkwrap

Bodine NM- VG++
MGM - SE 4652 $9.00
Light psychedelia. Promo. Gatefold jacket. Produced by Bill Cowsill, Jr.

David Bowie
An Evening with David Bowie VG++ VG+
RCA - DJ 1-3016 $9.00
Promo. Superstars Radio Network release for radio stations. A mixture of an interview and songs with opening remarks and out cues for commercial breaks.

The Buoys
The Buoys NM- VG++
SCEPTER - SPS 24001 $9.00
Promo labels. Foldover jacket.

Eric Burdon & Jimmy Witherspoon
Black & White Blues VG VG
LAX RECORDS - GG 5800 $9.00

Sonny Burgess
Legendary Sun Performers VG++ G+
CHARLY - CR 30136 $9.00
Made in England.

J.J. Cale
Troubadour SS NM-
MERCURY - 6302 208 $9.00
Made in The Netherlands.

Ray Campi
Rollin' Rock Singles Collection 1971-1978 NM- VG++
RONDELET - ABOUT 1004 $9.00
Made in England. Copywrited 1981.

Ray Campi
& Rockabilly Rebels
ROLLIN' ROCK - ADA 16 $9.00
12" single. Comes in a generic Radarscope jacket. Made in the UK. Side 1 is "Teenage Boogie," and side 2 is "Rockabilly Rebels."

Part Dipshit NM- NM
NO IDEA - 031 $9.00
9" LP. No jacket just an outer wrapping

Doug Clark & His Hot Nuts
Rush Week VG++ VG+
GROSS - 104 $9.00

Joe E. Covington
Fat Fandango NM- VG+
GRUNT - BFL1-0149 $9.00
cut-out. Gatefold jacket. Covington is best known as the drummer for Jefferson Airplane.

Best of Cream NM- NM-
RSO - 2394-131 $9.00
Made in England.

Cream NM- VG++
RSO - 2479 180 $9.00
Made in Canada. Re-issue of Fresh Cream with 2 additional tracks.

Brendan Croker & the Five O'Clock Shadows
Brendan Croker & the Five O'Clock Shadows NM- VG+
SILVERTONE - 1209-1-J $9.00
cut-out. Mark Knopfler plays guitar on one track. Eric Clapton sings on one track. Includes inner sleeve with lyrics.


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