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grading order: vinyl - jacket

Kathy Dalton
Boogie Bands & One Night Stands NM- VG+
DISCREET - DS 2208 $9.00
This album had been previously released under the title Amazing (DS 2168), with the exception of the title track, which was new material. There are no credits on the album, but and a few other sites credit the original members of Little Feat as her backing band. Copyrighted 1974.

Michael Damian
Where Do We Go from Here SS VG++
CYPRESS - YL9-0130 $9.00
cut-out. Damian is best know for 18+ year run on "The Young and the Restless" as Danny Romalotti.

The Spencer Davis Group
Gluggo NM- VG++
VERTIGO - VEL 1015 $9.00
Foldover jacket.

Brian Davison
Every Which Way VG++ VG+
MERCURY - SR 61340 $9.00
cut-out. Davison was a member of The Nice and Gong.

Dexy's Midnight Runners
Searching for the Young... NM- VG+
EMI AMERICA - SW 17042 $9.00

Don Coyote
Who Killed Don Coyote? VG++ VG+

Dorian VG++ G
AMERAMA - A 1001 $9.00

Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan VG VG
COLUMBIA - CS 8579 $9.00
"360 Sound Stereo" in white on label

Bob Dylan
Little White Wonder, Vol. 1 NM VG+
BUHAY RECORDS - BHL 8001 $9.00
Collection of Lo-Fi recordings. Includes 'California', 'Baby Please Don't Go', 'Candy Man', 'The Death of Emmett Till', 'Man of Constant Sorrow', and others. Made in Italy.

Bob Dylan
New Morning VG++ VG
COLUMBIA - PC 30290 $8.00

Bob Dylan
The Times They Are A-Changin' VG++ G+
COLUMBIA - CS 8905 $9.00
Orange Label. Includes original insert with epitaphs.

The Eagles
ASYLUM - AS 11402 $9.00
Promo. 12" Single both sides have "Please Come Home for Christmas" and "Funky New Year." Side 1 is stereo and side 2 is mono.

Earth Quake
Earth Quake NM- VG+
A&M - SP 4308 $9.00

The Elephant SS VG+
BIG TREE RECORDS - BT 89508 $9.00
cut-out. Copyrighted 1975.

The Eliminators
Guitars and Percussion VG FAIR
PYE - NPL 18160 $9.00
Copyrighted 1966. A mixture of psych, surf, and instrumental rock.

Ethos (Ardour) NM- VG+
CAPITOL - ST 11498 $9.00
cut-out. Includes original inner sleeve with lyrics.

Fat City
Reincarnation VG++ VG+
ABC/PROBE - CPLP 4508 $9.00

The Firm
Talks Business NM- *
ATLANTIC - PR 883 $9.00
Promo. Interview record sent to radio stations.
Side 1 has the questions and answers and is unbanded.(has midway commercial? break)
Side 2 has just the answers and is banded, so you can have your own interview with Jimmy Page and Paul Rodgers.
Includes form letter sent out by Atlantic with basic info on this recording and on the most recent release from The Firm, Mean Business. It does not provide the questions.
Comes in a generic white jacket with a sticker on it. Jacket has a sawcut.

Chip Fisher
with Leroy Kirkland's Band
Chipper at the Sugar Bowl NM- VG+
RCA VICTOR - LPM 1797 $9.00
A few rockabilly tunes mixed with teen-idol pop.

Mother Focus NM VG+
ATCO - SD 36117 $9.00

John Fred & His Playboys
John Fred & His Playboys VG+/VG VG+
PAULA RECORDS - LPS 2191 $9.00
Labels have mono's cat. no.,but this is the stereo release. It appears 'Stereo' was stamped after the initial printing of the lables. The 'Stereo' on side two is misaligned.

Friend & Lover
Reach Out of the Darkness NM VG

Giddy'Up Einstein
E = mc² + Guitar NM- VG+
REPTILE - REP 801 $9.00
Includes hand written letter from group member Mark Cult. (authenticity is assumed)

Good Rats
Live at Last SS VG+
RAT CITY - RCR 998 $9.00
2 record set. cut-out.

Art Greenhaw
Live and Otherwise VG++ VG++
M&G RECORDS - MG30 $7.00
Copyrighted 1973. mixture of folk, blues, gospel and rock. Includes 'Polk Salad Annie', 'Something', 'Words', and 'Bridge Over Troubled Water'.

Gun VG++ G+
EPIC - BN 26468 $9.00
Band members and brothers Adrian and Paul Gurvitz(credited as Curtis on this release) would later go on to form Three Man Army, and after that, they would team up with Cream's Ginger Baker for the Baker Gurvitz Army.

Gunsight VG VG+
EPIC - BN 26551 $9.00
Band members and brothers Adrian and Paul Gurvitz(credited as Curtis on this release) would later go on to form Three Man Army, and after that, they would team up with Cream's Ginger Baker for the Baker Gurvitz Army.

Gypsy NM- & VG++ VG+
METROMEDIA - M2D 1031 $9.00
2 record set. A mixture of jazz-rock and prog-rock.

Bill Haley & His Comets
Rock 'n' Roll Stage Show G+ POOR
DECCA - DL 8345 $24.00

Hog Heaven
Hog Heaven NM- FAIR
ROULETTE - SR 42057 $9.00
cut-out. Group members are former members of (Tommy James &) The Shondells.

Buddy Holly and the Crickets
The Buddy Holly Story G+ VG++
CORAL - CRL 57279 $50.00
maroon labe; back color print in black & red

Jake Holmes
How Much Time NM G+
COLUMBIA - C 30996 $9.00

Gary Hudson
and the Kings of Twist
It's Twistin' Time VG++ VG+
CAPITOL - ST 1578 $9.00
Black label with colorband, Capitol label at top.

Robert Hunter
Flight of the Marie Helena
A Musical Narrative
RELIX - RRLP 2009 $9.00
Robert Hunter is best known as a non-performing lyricist for the Grateful Dead.

The Incredible String Band
Liquid Acrobat as Regards the Air NM-/VG++ VG
ELEKTRA - EKS 74112 $9.00
cut-out. Gatefold jacket. Has lyrics on the interior.

Iron Butterfly
Evolution SS NM-
ATCO - SD 33-369 $9.00
Does not have a barcode.

Tommy James
Tommy James NM- VG+
ROULETTE - SR 42051 $9.00

Mose Jones
Mose Knows VG+ VG
cut-out. Produced by Al Kooper. He also plays on one track.
Group members include: Randy Lewis, Jimmy O'Neil, Bryan Cole, and Steve McRay.

Juicy Lucy
Get a Whiff of This VG++ VG+
ATCO - SD 33-367 $9.00

Juicy Lucy
Lie Back and Enjoy It VG++ VG+
ATCO - SD 33-345 $9.00


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