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grading order: vinyl - jacket

The Kind
Pain & Pleasure NM VG+
THREE-SIXTY - TLP 334 $24.00

Kindred NM- FAIR
WARNER BROS - WS 1931 $9.00
70s hard-rock/album rock. Includes original inner sleeve and insert with lyrics.

Alexis Korner
Bootleg Him! VG+ VG
WARNER BROS - 2XS 1966 $9.00
2 record set. Collection of live and studio recordings made between 1961-70. Includes insert with extended liner notes. His musical cohorts include: Peter Thorup, Robert Plant, Ginger Baker, Jack Bruce, Charlie Watts, Graham Bond, and many more.

Kracker Brand VG++ VG
ABC-DUNHILL - DSX 50154 $9.00
Promo. Gatefold jacket. 1970s album rock.

Panorama/Die Liebe NM- VG+
WAX TRAX - 8079 $9.00

Sympathy for the Devil NM- VG+
RESTLESS - 7 71404-1 $9.00

Bobby Lance
First Peace NM- VG
COTILLION - SD 9041 $9.00

Dingly Dell VG++ VG+
ELEKTRA - EKS 75043 $9.00
promo. Includes insert with lyrics.

Happy Daze NM- VG
ELEKTRA - EKS 7E 1018 $9.00

Nicely Out of Tune NM- VG
ELEKTRA - EKS 74899 $9.00
promo. cut-out. Die-cut jacket with a pull-out section that has the lyrics on one side and a photo on the other.

Lions & Ghosts
Velvet Kiss, Lick of the Lime NM VG+
EMI - ELX 46959 $9.00
Promo. Includes original sleeve with lyrics.

The Lively Ones
Bugalu Party NM- VG+
MGM - E 4449 $9.00
A giant departation from their instrumental surf rock days as this is strictly vocalized R&B. It hasn't been updated in awhile, but fans can check out their website at

Lodi VG++ G
MOWEST - 101L $9.00

Trini Lopez & Johnny Tores
Trini Lopez & Johnny Tores VG++ VG+
CROWN - CST 349 $9.00
Cover art by Fazzio. Mostly a pop-rock release.

Includes 'La Bamba', 'Down by the Riverside', and 'The Hammer'.

The Lovin' Spoonful
John Sebastian Songbook, Vol. 1 NM VG+
KAMA SUTRA - KSBS 2011 $9.00

The Mama's and the Papa's
If You Can Believe Your Eyes
and Ears
VG++ VG+
DUNHILL - DS 50006 $15.00
With scroll over toilet proclaiming 'Includes California Dreaming...Monday, Monday...I Call Your Name'

Man NM- VG+
COLUMBIA - CS 9803 $9.00
cut-out. Not the 1970s British band of the same name.

George Martin
and His Orchestra
Off the Beatle Track VG VG
UNITED ARTISTS - UAL 3377 $15.00
Instrumental versions of The Beatles big hits.

Back in the USA VG VG
ATLANTIC - SD 8247 $9.00

Tommy McLain
Show Time SS NM-
CRAZY CAJUN - CCLP 1080 $9.00

More Fiends
Toad Lickin' SS NM
RAVE - 009 $9.00

Natural Food
Natural Food NM- G
SEEDS - 2 $45.00

Navasota G+ VG+
ABC RECORDS - ABCX 757 $5.00
Promo. 70s Southern Rock.

Michael Nesmith
And the Hits Just Keep
On Comin'
VG++/NM- VG+
PACIFIC ARTS - PAC 7-116 $12.00
Back of the jacket has the lyrics.

Live Heroes NM VG+

2:a November NM- VG++
SONET - SLP 2520 $65.00
Swedish rock group from the early 70s. Gatefold jacket. No label or cat. no. listed on the jacket or labels. ?Matrix no. 24-11-99? No indication of where it was made. Credits are in Swedish.

Don't Say No VG++ VG+
OMI RECORDS - M 000321 $9.00
Recorded in Los Angeles in 1980.

Basket of Light VG++ VG+
REPRISE - RS 6732 $9.00
With "r:" only, log on all orange (tan) label. Gatefold Jacket.

Group members are Terry Cox, Bert Jansch, Jacqui McShee, John Renbourn, and Danny Thompson.

Don Preston
Bluse NM- VG+
A&M - SP 4155 $9.00

Brian Protheroe
Pinball VG++ VG
CHRYSALIS - CHR 1065 $9.00
Promo. Copyrighted 1974. Back of the jacket has the lyrics. describes him as: 70s British singer songwriter better known these days as a stage and television actor. Kind of like a combination of Pilot, Jobriath, Gilbert O`Sulllivan, Alan Parsons and Klaatu.

The songs are surprisingly fresh and sound like they could have been written between the late 80s alt rock scene and the late 90s indie rock scene.

Words and music for most of the songs are by Protheroe.

Mike Quatro Jam Band
Look Deep in the Mirror VG+/VG++ VG+
EVOLUTION - 3021 $9.00

Flemming Rasmussen
Rasmussen NM- VG+
REPRISE - RS 6449 $9.00
Promo. All songs were written by the Danish born Rasmussen. Copyrighted 1971.

Dash Riprock & the Dragons
Dash Riprock & the Dragons NM- VG++
NEAT-O - DRD-119 $9.00
I believe this was recorded in the mid-80s.

The Rolling Stones
Milestones VG/VG+ VG
DECCA - SKL.5098 $9.00
Made in England.

The Rolling Stones
Miss You NM/VG++ G+
EMI - 12 EMI 2802 $9.00
12" single. B side is "Far Away Eyes." Pink colored vinyl. Made in Great Britain.

The Rolling Stones
In Concert NM VG+
DECCA - 6.28565 $9.00
2 record set. Made in Germany. Copyrighted 1981. No info on where/when live recordings were made. Interior has lyrics.

The Rolling Stones
The Rolling Stones NM- VG++
DECCA - 6.24001 $9.00
Made in Germany.

Keith Richards
Interview - Rome 1988 VG++ NM-
SYMPA - 34666 $9.00
Made in England. No other information is given.

The Routers
1963's Great Instrumental Hits VG+ G+
WARNER BROS - W 1524 $9.00
cut-out. grey labels with black & white warner shield.

The Rugbys
Hot Cargo VG+ VG
AMAZON - 1000 $9.00

Steve Russell & Smith Johnston
Collage VG++ G+
WINTERSONG - WP 522 $9.00
Late 70s soft-rock.


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